Synermont Lohnfertigung Mission 2


Manufacturing companies across the board are under constant pressure to reduce costs, increase profitability, streamline processes and fast-track innovation in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

Our goal is to build long-term, trust-based, win-win relationships with contract manufacturing clients by providing them with the expertise, resources and network of local production sites they need to get ahead of the game.

Synermont Lohnfertigung Standorte


We can launch contract manufacturing projects at five existing production sites in Sopron, Szombathely, Budapest, Jászfényszaru and Miskolc or scout for new production sites in Hungary, if needed.

Synermont Lohnfertigung Vision


Become a trusted partner and regional market leader in the field of outsourced manufacturing, contract assembly and contract manufacturing.

Synermont Lohnfertigung Werte


Empowering employees: We believe that the road to satisfied clients leads through satisfied employees. This is why we strive to create a safe, efficient and engaging work environment for our colleagues, where they feel valued and supported in their professional development.

Sustainable development: We are committed to sustainable development and limiting our environmental impact wherever we operate. Conserving and reusing resources is at the core of our operations both inside and outside of our company.

Synermont Lohnfertigung Arbeitssicherheit

Safety protocols

High-quality production output can only be achieved in a work environment that is clean, safe and organised. To achieve this, we make sure that the 5S system (sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustain) is rigorously adhered to.

Synermont Lohnfertigung Richtlinien

Transparency and compliance

Fully complying with all relevant regulatory and ethical standards during our activities is of utmost importance to us, along with building valued partnerships and ensuring open and honest communication with our clients, suppliers and employees.


Partners who trust us

Here are some of the companies who have trusted us with their contract manufacturing needs.

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Case studies

Introduction our projects through case studies. More